Trainings & Workshops

Getting an entire group of people to embrace a new mindset, develop new skills, and change their behaviors is a daunting task. While your changing your organization, how are you going to train all of these people?

Our trainings and workshops are here to make sure your teams and leaders can hit the ground running in their new roles, or as a refresher in their current roles. Our activity-based trainings get you the information you need quickly, while our workshops enable participants to learn while applying the content to your current efforts. Our goal is to prepare everyone to effectively execute in your new operational model.

Target has developed a repository of content over our journey to help training on a variety of topics. While select trainings & workshops are listed, if you do not see something that meets your needs exactly, let us know.

Agile101 Training
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During your transformational journey, you may identify a need to inform many people about why you are going to Agile and what it means, but putting them through a formal 2-day training can be overkill. For those that need to understand the high-level concepts without diving deep into the practices themselves, will find our Agile101 training to be a great alternative.

In addition to covering Agile, this training can also touch on the high-level principles and concepts of Product and DevOps if desired.

Agile Leadership Training

Most leaders have gone through leadership classes, but what does it mean to be an Agile leader? Is the leadership style you have in your organization going to get you the same results in an Agile environment? In our experience, leadership is one of the hardest and most important areas to transition to an Agile Mindset. Without Agile leadership, the journey can become very rough or stall out.

In addition to providing leaders with an understanding of Agile, the training provides clarity on what it means to lead an Agile team and how to lead through change.

This training provides a high-level introduction to Product and DevOps, but can go into more depth if requested.

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Agile Team Training
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Quickly getting teams started on the Agile journey is important in any transformation but conveying a whole new mindset and helping people get started on changing their behaviors is no simple task. Agile Team Training is meant to get teams up to speed on operating as an Agile team and thinking in a new way about how they operate.

Teams go through the class together so that they are able to discuss and decide how they are going to transition to an Agile way of working that they can start now. This is a collaboration between everyone on the team (product owner, scrum master, developers, user experience, etc.) so they come to an understanding, hear the same message, and are able to hit the ground running.

This training provides a high-level introduction to Product and DevOps, but can go into more depth if requested.

Product Training

Owning and running a product for the first time can be scary. What is my product? What should we build and not build? How do we know if we are successful? There is a whole set of skills necessary to have in order to make the right decisions on the direction of the product, and many organizations do not have that skill from traditional ways of working.

Transitioning from project management to product management requires a whole new way of thinking about what you are building. Whether it’s defining the strategy for the product, defining outcomes, validating ideas, performing customer interviews, story mapping, or writing stories, this class will give you the mindset and skills you need to get started.

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Product Workshop
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Although a training can get you some of the skills you need quickly, it can be challenging to apply those skill the first time. The Product Workshop will not only teach you those skills, but also provide you with the opportunity to apply your new skills right away.

Each participating team will learn, and immediately apply, modern Product Definition and Discovery tactics by taking a single product idea through multiple iterations as they are expected to do from day-to-day. Unlike the Product training, participants will take real-world product ideas through the workshop to validate or invalidate their assumptions. Clear product outcomes will be defined, customers will be interviewed, stories will be written, and much more.

Test Driven Development Workshop

Test Driven Development (TDD) is a skill many teams want to build to improve code quality, reduce defects and risk, and have more comprehensive tests. While understanding TDD as a concept is easy, putting it into practice can be difficult.

Teams will have the opportunity to mob on their product backlog with support from experienced coaches. Team members will complete several TDD cycles to provide the foundational skills necessary to adopt the practice as a team.

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