Agile Product Engineering and Retail Technology Services


Lead the growth of an agile community that shares, learns and innovates together.


Provide meaningful guidance and learning opportunities that are rooted in Agile, Product, and Engineering.


Establish self-sufficient organizations who can build, learn, and share their journey to agility.

Practical learning grounded in results.

Training & Workshops

Getting an entire group of people to embrace a new mindset, develop new skills, and change their behaviors is a daunting task. While your changing your organization, how are you going to train all of these people?

Our trainings and workshops are here to make sure your teams and leaders can hit the ground running in their new roles, or as a refresher in their current roles. Our activity-based trainings get you the information you need quickly, while our workshops enable participants to learn while applying the content to your current efforts. Our goal is to prepare everyone to effectively execute in your new operational model.

While select trainings & workshops are listed, if you do not see something that meets your needs exactly, let us know.

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Immersive Learning

Immersive learning experiences are a great alternative to traditional trainings and workshops for skilling-up individuals, but how do you get started with creating an immersive experience? With multiple years of running an immersive learning environment called the Dojo, Target has learned a lot about running successful immersive experiences.

Creating an immersive learning experience requires you to think about many logistical aspects. Do we need a physical space? What materials will we need? How will we manage intake? What skills are required to coach? Rather than trying to figure all this out on your own, let us help you get started on the right path.

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Our goal is to skill up your team to become self-sufficient in their learning and coaching. To start a coaching engagement, we would sit down with your team and define the outcomes you are looking for and then build an engagement plan. The focus of the engagement can be on Product, Agile, Software Engineering, or any combination.

Coaching engagements usually start with Target coaches leading, but by the end, your coaches are leading to ensure they have the skills needed. We do not believe in doing long-term staff augmentation with Target coaches. Our goal is to enable your organization to be self-sufficient in your journey towards agility.

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Subject was very relevant, not academic, but practical. Material was tailored to our environment.


Target offers the opportunity for your organization to learn how to raise your coaching to the industry standard through coaching and facilitated sessions on:



Software Engineering

Our real-life coaches will train and coach your organization's employees and leaders on Product, Agile, and Software Engineering mindsets and practices, enterprise transformation, organization and product structures, cultural change, and more.