productDNA Minneapolis 2020

June 18

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When will registration be open?

Registration will happen in stages through February and March.

Who is productDNA for?

Primary Audience: Anyone that is on a Product Team at Target

Secondary Audience: Anyone that partners with a Product Team at Target

External Audience: A small group of external participants starting or on their product journey

Why do external participants need to request an invite?

productDNA is an annual, internal conference for Target Team Members. As part of Target's mission to be a part of building a larger product community beyond our walls, we do invite external organizations to also attend. While we would like to be able to offer this opportunity to everyone outside of Target, space is limited and ask that you submit a request for consideration to attend.

As a Target Team Member, do I need to request an invite?

As a team member, you do not need to request an invite.

Join the #productdna slack channel or follow the productDNA Community for notifications when registration opens.