productDNA Minneapolis 2020

June 18

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productDNA started in 2016 to promote Product Thinking at Target, and while still primarily an internal conference, a select few organizations will be invited to participate.

The intent of the day is multi-faceted. The day aspires to:

  • Provide inspiration
  • Continue to foster a Product Culture
  • Enable learning from experienced Product Professionals
  • Challenge attendees to think outside of existing boxes

Creating Product Vision

Everyone says that a product vision is the starting point for a great product. The vision provides the purpose and motivation for creating the product. You may recognize when you don’t have product vision, but how you go about creating it?

Balancing Short and Long-term Goals

Product teams need to understand, manage, and balance short-term needs with the long-term vision. Products need to decide between solving immediate customer demands and moving towards big-picture goals that support strategic objectives.

Data-driven Decision Making

Organizations desire to use data inform their outcome. Product teams can use qualitative and quantitative data to know which problems should be solved. Gathering the right data and analyzing it in ways that provides meaningful input to your product decision-making helps you solve the right problems the right way.

Improving Product Adoption

Product adoption is when users see the value of your product and begin to use it! Users ultimately embrace your product when they are convinced the product will make it easier or cheaper to achieve their goals. What do you do when your users don’t embrace your product like you expect?

Collaboration in a Large Organization

Target, like other large employers, often relies on teams to work working collaboratively online and across time zones, while managing dependencies with a multitude of other teams. Managing these factors within immense organizations, while delivering high-quality products in a timely manner, is a sizeable challenge.

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Who is productDNA for?

Primary Audience: Anyone that is on a Product Team at Target

Secondary Audience: Anyone that partners with a Product Team at Target

External Audience: A small group of external participants, by invite only

Has the date been set yet?

Yes! productDNA Minneapolis 2020 will be June 18th.

Is registration open?

Get the latest registration information on our registration page.

Sample Topics
Diversity (of Thought) User Research Metrics Distributed Environment Product Culture Organizational Change Outcome based Organization/OKRs Story Telling Psychological Safety Visioning User Centered Design Data Driven Product Decisions
and much more...

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