ProductDNATM is Target’s annual conference to promote product thinking. The conference is primarily for internal Team Members at Target in India, along with a few select product professionals from the industry

The intent of the day is multi-faceted. The day aspires to:

  • Provide inspiration
  • Continue to foster a Product Culture
  • Enable learning from experienced Product Professionals
  • Challenge attendees to think outside of existing boxes


Leading through disruption

2020 has been a year of unprecedented change for everyone across the globe – for product managers too. Whether it’s grappling with the challenges of managing a team that is working remotely, predicting and catering to the fast changing guest behavior or reassessing what it means to build great products. This year, ProductDNATM is all about enabling product managers to win in this new environment of change and uncertainty. The third edition of ProductDNATM will bring industry speakers from across the globe who will share strategies and case studies to become resilient, relevant and agile product leaders.

  • Product Leadership – Learn about the best practices in product leadership, scaling-up products and industry disruption
  • Inspiration – Insights on inspiring guests (Target customers) and motivating team members (our employees) in the times of business disruption
  • Engagement - Nuggets of wisdom across product areas like importance of ruthless prioritization, delightful guest experience
  • Growth – Insights about continuing on the growth hacking path to incrementally drive Sales/Revenue & other product outcomes

2019 Highlights

Who is ProductDNATM for?

Primary Audience: Anyone that is on a Product Team at Target

Secondary Audience: Anyone that partners with a Product Team at Target

External Audience: A small group of external participants, by invite only

Has the date been set yet?

Yes! ProductDNATM Bangalore 2020 will be on August 19 and August 20.


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