productDNA Bangalore 2019

August 29

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productDNA started in 2016 to promote Product Thinking at Target, and while still primarily an internal conference, a select few organizations will be invited to participate. This is our second edition at Target in India.

The intent of the day is multi-faceted. The day aspires to:

  • Provide inspiration
  • Continue to foster a Product Culture
  • Enable learning from experienced Product Professionals
  • Challenge attendees to think outside of existing boxes

Product Thinking - Beyond Boundaries

Often the idea for the next big product lies beyond what we perceive to be acceptable or achievable. Think BIG, Think beyond boundaries laid down by routine work to make leapfrogs in product design. Think about fundamental rather than incremental shifts to help achieve the ultimate goal of building a better shopping experience for our guests.

Who is productDNA for?

Primary Audience: Anyone that is on a Product Team at Target

Secondary Audience: Anyone that partners with a Product Team at Target

External Audience: A small group of external participants, by invite only

Has the date been set yet?

Yes! productDNA Bangalore 2019 will be on August 29.

Building Guest Centric Product Culture User Research Scaling AI Based Products Critical Aspects of a "Product Culture" The Interplay of Features and Copy Design Thinking Role of Data Scientists Cloud Computing
and much more...
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