The Target Journey

Over the last 5+ years, Target has gone through some massive changes, starting within IT and now throughout the entire organization. This story is an amazing one of grassroots efforts, leadership change, and complete shifts in mindsets.

The talk starts with covering where Target started and the reasons why we needed to change, followed by some of the tools and mindset that were foundational to the change. We also cover how we have and continue to measure success as well as the need for leadership and organizational support to allow for this change to take place. Finally, we wrap up with where we see our journey continuing and advice to others who are starting in their own journey.

  • Understand the need to build the reason behind the change
  • Learn some tools and techniques that Target has used that might help in your journey
  • Inspire what the future might hold and that change is possible
  • Teams
  • Leadership
  • Executives
  • 60 minute
  • Presentation style