The Dojo - Implementing Immersive Learning Environment for Teams

Has your standard classroom curriculum provided the improvements you're seeking for your teams?

Based on the philosophy of Japanese places of learning, a Dojo - which literally means 'place of the way' - is a physical training facility for practitioners of martial arts. Throughout the centuries, these immersive learning environments have instilled the disciplines and skills for students to master their craft. The Target Dojo provides a similar immersive learning environment for teams to practice basic kata (actions) related to Product, Lean, Agile and DevOps practices and mindsets via Challenges, where Agile and Technical coaches work with teams to help them learn and refine their craft in a dedicated space.

In this presentation, we’ll share with you why Target pursued creating a Dojo for Product, Lean, Agile and DevOps learning, how it evolved over its 3.5 years, the outcomes and success that teams take back with them, and the behavior changes this learning style has impressed on the culture of our organization. We will also talk through the mechanics, physical environment, coaching investment, process, and other tactics of implementing a Dojo in your company.

  • Understand the history of how the Dojo came to be at Target
  • Define an Immersive Learning Environment
  • Able to articulate the benefits and reason for an Immersive Learning Environment
  • Scrum Masters
  • Coaches
  • Managers
  • 45 minute
  • Presentation style