Target's Journey from Project to Product Funding

Going from a project-based organization to a product-based organization is not an easy task. It requires your whole organization to change how they think about prioritization, work definition, organizational structures, and, of course, funding. Target moved its IT organization to product-based several years ago, and has seen some great success.

This presentation will give you an overview of how Target moved to a product-based organization, and dive deeper into the funding model behind it. You will learn the motivators behind going to product, how Target figures out what products to start, stop, or continue to invest in, as well as the benefits and learnings so far. Be sure to bring your questions as there will be opportunities for Q&A.
  • State the reasons why Target moved from project to products
  • Recall how Target's funding process changed to support a product-based model
  • Summarize some important tips, tricks, and suggestions based on Target's journey
  • Executives
  • Finance
  • Product Leaders
  • 45 minute
  • Presentation style