Product Workshop

Although a training can get you some of the skills you need quickly, it can be challenging to apply those skill the first time. The Product Workshop will not only teach you those skills, but also provide you with the opportunity to apply your new skills right away.

Each participating team will learn, and immediately apply, modern Product Definition and Discovery tactics by taking a single product idea through multiple iterations as they are expected to do from day-to-day. Unlike the Product training, participants will take real-world product ideas through the workshop to validate or invalidate their assumptions. Clear product outcomes will be defined, customers will be interviewed, stories will be written, and much more.

  • Understand Product Mindset and Product roles
  • Experience common product practices and tools
  • Validate or invalidate at least one product idea
  • Product Owner
  • Product Manager
  • Tech Lead
  • UX Lead
  • Scrum Master
  • Team Leadership
  • Max 3 teams per workshop
  • 3-Day Workshop