Product Training

Owning and running a product for the first time can be scary. What is my product? What should we build and not build? How do we know if we are successful? There is a whole set of skills necessary to have in order to make the right decisions on the direction of the product, and many organizations do not have that skill from traditional ways of working.

Transitioning from project management to product management requires a whole new way of thinking about what you are building. Whether it’s defining the strategy for the product, defining outcomes, validating ideas, performing customer interviews, story mapping, or writing stories, this class will give you the mindset and skills you need to get started.

  • I want to understand the core of product to better deliver valuable, usable and feasible product solutions for my customers.
  • I want to understand the three primary roles that make up a product and the partnership and coordination of these roles that make a product the best it can be.
  • I want to explore the Product Mindset, so that I can understand new ways of thinking through a problem.
  • I want to learn the Product Values & Principles, so that I can understand what is foundational to Product Capabilities.
  • I want hands-on experience with practicing product capabilities and related activities included within the various stages of the product management lifecycle: Product Definition, Product Discovery, Product Delivery and Product Assessment.
  • Product Owner
  • Product Manager
  • Tech Lead
  • UX Lead
  • Scrum Master
  • Team Leadership
  • 2-day interactive experiential group classroom learning experience
  • Balance of classroom teaching, group discussion and interactive activities
  • No PowerPoint slides and no laptops
  • Attendance required in person
  • Max 24 per class