Crowdsourcing Technology Governance

In the past, architecture choices, ensuring quality, and security and compliance technologies were the ways to enforce governance through tollgates, centralized approvals, and silos. Three years ago Target started recommend_tech, a git repo, which uses crowdsourcing to make technology choices at Target.

This is one example of how Target is moving away from traditional governance to more of a guidance model by crowdsourcing our technology choices, which allows our IT organization to respond to change more quickly. This is essential in empowering your engineering team, and to stay up to speed with the rate of change in technology today.
  • Understand why organizations need to move from governance to guidance
  • Hear some real examples of how Target is moving in that direction
  • Learn how guidance allows for better products to be built
  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Engineers/Architects
  • 45 minute
  • Presentation style