Agile Team Training

Quickly getting teams started on the Agile journey is important in any transformation but conveying a whole new mindset and helping people get started on changing their behaviors is no simple task. Agile Team Training is meant to get teams up to speed on operating as an Agile team and thinking in a new way about how they operate.

Teams go through the class together so that they are able to discuss and decide how they are going to transition to an Agile way of working that they can start now. This is a collaboration between everyone on the team (product owner, scrum master, developers, user experience, etc.) so they come to an understanding, hear the same message, and are able to hit the ground running.

This training provides a high-level introduction to Product and DevOps, but can go into more depth if requested.

  • Participants will have an understanding of Agile Mindset and common roles and practices
  • Participants will understand at a high level how Product and DevOps mindsets pair with Agile
  • Teams will have a working agreement on how they will operate as a team
  • Product Owners
  • Scrum Masters
  • Dedicated Team
  • Close Partners
  • Max 3 teams per training
  • 2-Day Training