Agile Leadership Training

Most leaders have gone through leadership classes, but what does it mean to be an Agile leader? Is the leadership style you have in your organization going to get you the same results in an Agile environment? In our experience, leadership is one of the hardest and most important areas to transition to an Agile Mindset. Without Agile leadership, the journey can become very rough or stall out.

In addition to providing leaders with an understanding of Agile, the training provides clarity on what it means to lead an Agile team and how to lead through change.

This training provides a high-level introduction to Product and DevOps, but can go into more depth if requested.

  • Understand Agile mindset and how to lead Agile teams as a servant leader
  • Able to guide teams and individuals through the journey
  • Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Leadership/Executives
  • Max 24 per class
  • 2-Day Training