Agile101 Training

During your transformational journey, you may identify a need to inform many people about why you are going to Agile and what it means, but putting them through a formal 2-day training can be overkill. For those that need to understand the high-level concepts without diving deep into the practices themselves, will find our Agile101 training to be a great alternative.

In addition to covering Agile, this training can also touch on the high-level principles and concepts of Product and DevOps if desired.

  • Explore the Agile Mindset, so that I can understand new ways of thinking through a problem
  • Learn the Agile Values & Principles, so that I can understand what is foundational to Agile Practices
  • Understand why the move to Agile is important and how it will benefit your organization
  • Anyone new and interested in an Agile mindset
  • Max 24 per class
  • 1/2 Day Training