Immersive Learning

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Immersive learning experiences are a great alternative to traditional trainings and workshops for skilling-up individuals, but how do you get started with creating an immersive experience? With multiple years of running an immersive learning environment called the Dojo, Target has learned a lot about running successful immersive experiences.

Creating an immersive learning experience requires you to think about many logistical aspects. Do we need a physical space? What materials will we need? How will we manage intake? What skills are required to coach? Rather than trying to figure all this out on your own, let us help you get started on the right path.

This experience was one-of-a-kind in my opinion. It is very intense and very immersive and the amount you learn through the 4 weeks is above and beyond any other training I've attended. It's an added bonus to be completing actual work while learning.

Bring your coach(es) into Target to be immersed with our coaching staff in the daily operations and coaching of teams in Target’s Dojo. The engagement includes dedicated time with our coaches, observing our coaches in the Dojo, talking to leaders throughout the company. A variety of topics can be tailored to the specific struggles your company may have.

We recommend shadowing with our team prior to setting up an immersive learning experience or starting coaching in your organization, so that your coaching team can be better prepared to lead at your organization right from the start.

  • Understand how Target’s Dojo operates and has changed over the years
  • Build a plan to start your own immersive learning and/or coaching based on the learnings of Target
  • 1-10 people
  • 1-2 week(s) of shadowing
  • Audience: Coaches, Leaders, Change Agents, Dojo Operations

For best results, we recommend a two-weeks of shadowing

Dojo to Go

Trying to sell your leadership on setting up a full immersive learning experience can be a hard sell. Rather than trying to convince them, show them how much it can help. Let us bring our Dojo to you and have an experience like none other. Target coaches will come to you and provide you with the Dojo experience right at your location for one of your teams.

Dojo to Go will not only show your leadership how great an immersive learning experience can be, but it will also give your coaches an opportunity to observe how to facilitate an experience while giving one team an experience of a lifetime.

  • Leadership will see the impact an immersive learning experience can have
  • One team will experience what an immersive learning experience is and become your advocate
  • Your coaches can observe Target’s coaches to learn how to lead an experience
  • One collocated dedicated team for 4-6 weeks
  • Coaches available to observe and lead parts of experience

Our Foundational Mindsets

While going through change, it's important to make sure you understand the foundation on which you are building. The Target Dojo has established the PLAiD acronym to represent our four core mindsets that are taught in the Dojo and have been adopted through the organization.

While each of these mindsets could be embraced individually, the combination of them has really been the accelerating factor for Target. Our real-life coaches will train and coach your organization's employees and leaders on these mindsets through a variety of trainings & workshops, immersive learning, or coaching experiences.

apply technology, design, acquisition and monetization strategies to address real customer needs within real constraints
deliver products and services that are valuable, capable, available, adequate, flexible and deliver maximum value with minimum waste
deliver value in the shortest amount of time possible through iterative development and on-going customer feedback
delivering new 'expect more' moments for our guest, team, and operations
a professional and cultural movement emphasizing empathy, collaboration and experiential learning in the delivery of products and services