Lift 2018: A Product Summit

Columbus, Ohio
September 24, 2018
It starts with an idea or a problem worth solving. It ignites a passion to create and solve. It's the conversion of that idea into a marketable Product that drives and inspires those that attend lift: Product Summit.
Letterman’s Guide to Product Transformation: Some Stories, a Top 10 List, & Some Stupid Human Tricks

Pete highlights of the lessons that Target have learned on the way to our current iteration of the Product Model.

Pete Anderson Principal Product Owner

Experienced Product Discovery Coach with a demonstrated history of helping teams define their products, customers, outcomes, and hypotheses. Pete has 20+ years of technology solution delivery experience with deep expertise in Product Management, Agile Methodologies, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Process, and Team Building.

For the past two years, Pete has been accountable for driving Enterprise adoption of the Product Model at Target, including internally facing product teams and partner business teams. He has owned and driven Target's Product Management Community of Practice, is the Co-Organizer of ProductTank Twin Cities, and founder of the Agile Transformation Leadership Meetup.

He believes that Product is the gateway to Business Agility and seeks to create a strong Product Management Community in the Upper Midwest.