DevOps Days Des Moines 2019

Des Moines, Iowa
May 2, 2019
Last year the conference sold out. As a result of the demand, we have expanded to accommodate more attendees. We still expect to sell out this year, so do not delay getting your ticket.
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Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you at the conference this year!
Crowdsourcing Technology Governance

May 2, 2019  |  10:15am

In the past, architecture choices, ensuring quality, and security and compliance technologies were the ways to enforce governance through tollgates, centralized approvals, and silos. Three years ago we started recommend_tech, which uses crowdsourcing to make technology choices at Target.

Bobby Stockstead Software Engineering Coach

Bobby Stockstead is a Software Engineering Coach at the Target Dojo. His experience as a software engineer comes from working with companies such as SMT, Photon Infotech, Best Buy, TCF Bank, and Identifix. His experience ranges from working on graphical applications for televised sporting events, to building web scrapers for vehicle maintenance data, to building a micro-service api platform to manage a backend system. Bobby loves helping people learn how to test and find new ways to make the topic approachable and exciting.

Robert 'Bob' Whalen Software Engineering Coach

Robert Whalen is a Software Engineering Coach in the Target Dojo. Bob has more than 20 years professional software development experience. Before Joining Target in 2016 he spent 15 years with the QVC network working on the companies digital platforms and was the lead engineer for the companies first enterprise wide DevOps effort. Bob has a passion for learning and improving how teams work and deliver software. Bob coaches teams in technology and practices such as Agile, Java, Groovy, Spring, TDD, Docker, Kubernetes, Drone, Jenkins, Maester, Selenium, ELK, Postgresql, Grafana …Maester is not a technology, it’s a thing from Game of Thrones. Just checking if you read this far.