2018 New Directions in Technology

Minneapolis, MN
May 16, 2018
May 18, 2018
Every spring the Minnesota State IT Center of Excellence brings together industry professionals, Minnesota State faculty members, and academic leaders for a FREE two and a half day conference that includes hotel, meals and conference sessions to explore emerging employer needs, identify specific implications for student learning outcomes, and develop replicable roadmaps for department and institutional implementation. This years hot and in demand IT topics include Cybersecurity, Data Science/Analytics, Dynamic IT – DevOps/Agile, Networks and Infrastructure, Career Readiness Competencies, and Training and Development.
Panel Discussion – Agile and Data Analytics Hiring Trends

May 16, 2018  |  2:45pm

Levi, Matt, and Brian participated on a panel to discuss ways Agile and DevOps topics can be brought into post-secondary education classrooms and challenges faculty face doing so.

Levi Geinert Director of Engineering

Levi was a Director of Engineering in the Target Dojo, after transitioning from Principal Engineer, and is responsible for supporting, and refining the Agile and DevOps software engineering practices and patterns. He advocates for Developers, and also helps to operate the Target Dojo which has helped drive DevOps adoption across Target. Previously Levi has spoken at ChefConf, #That Conference, multiple smaller venues and internal Target conferences.

Matt Roscoe Lead Agile Coach

Matt works at Target as a Lead Agile Coach in the Dojo supporting the Agile and Product efforts across the enterprise, while also partnering with Software Engineering coaches. Matt is passionate about mindset over process. He has over seven years experience in the Agile and Product space and has worked alongside companies of all sizes from Start-Ups to Fortune 100 companies to help with their Agile journeys.

Brian Kirchhoff Director of Technology

Brian is leading the SAP Platform Engineering Team for Target.