Lead the growth of an agile community that shares, learns and innovates together.


Provide meaningful learning opportunities that are rooted in Product, Lean, Agile and DevOps.


Target and organizations can build, learn, and share their knowledge with each other.

Subject was very relevant, not academic, but practical. Material was tailored to our environment.
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About the Dojo

As Target's unique immersive learning environment, the Dojo builds new or improves Product, Lean, Agile, and DevOps muscles. Target was the first to create this unique environment to help the organization change it's culture and mindset quickly. Teams leave their normal workspace and come down to the Dojo for a period of time to accomplish two goals:

  • First, deliver on their current work. Teams do not build fake applications; they focus on their real-world product work, deliver against their backlog, and add value to their customer.

  • Second, learn how to acquire and develop long-standing skills. Learning is essential to the Target culture and to keeping up with the ever-changing world of technology. Teams must be willing to commit to learning and accept that they may need to slow down to accelerate that learning.

These two goals are essential to come into the Dojo; continue to deliver value while learning something new or improving a current skill.

Our Philosophy

Throughout Target's journey, the belief has been to build our team up with the skills necessary to own our destiny. For a short while, we did have to augment our staff with external consultants to meet the demand while we skilled up our internal coaches, but we have since eliminated our dependency on external consultants and moved to a completely internal coaching team.

This belief is something we still hold true with our services. Unlike other consulting groups, our goal is not to sell you more services. We want to help your company develop the skills necessary to define your own future. Our coaches will partner with your staff to build the mindsets, skills, and environment necessary to change the way you work.

As Target did within our own journey, our model is not to build a big transformational plan for your organization, implement that plan over several years, and then declare your company as transformed. Our model is about helping you identify the current largest pain point for your organization, provide you with guidance from Target's experiences, but leaving you in the driver's seat to make the decisions you feel are best. From there, observe if those decisions gets the outcome you were looking for and iterate on it. This approach has benefited Target on our journey by allowing us to change our strategy several times and add the most value to Target.


Our Foundational Mindsets

While going through change, it's important to make sure you understand the foundation on which you are building. The Target Dojo has established the PLAiD acronym to represent our four core mindsets that are taught in the Dojo and have been adopted through the organization.

While each of these mindsets could be embraced individually, the combination of them has really been the accelerating factor for Target. Our real-life coaches can train and coach your organization's employees and leaders on these mindsets through a variety of trainings & workshops, immersive learning, or experiences.

apply technology, design, acquisition and monetization strategies to address real customer needs within real constraints
deliver products and services that are valuable, capable, available, adequate, flexible and deliver maximum value with minimum waste
deliver value in the shortest amount of time possible through iterative development and on-going customer feedback
delivering new 'expect more' moments for our guest, team, and operations
a professional and cultural movement emphasizing empathy, collaboration and experiential learning in the delivery of products and services